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The Georgian Department of Transportation (GDOT), as well as individual city and country police departments are the agencies in charge of maintaining accident reports in Georgia. Step 1: Determine Where the Accident Occurred: this helps you determine where you need to request the report from. If the accident occurred on a Georgia state highway, you will need to request a report from the Georgia Department of Transportation otherwise it is from the local police department. Step 2: Gather the Required Information: the time and date of the occurrence, the location of the collision, the names and license plates of the drivers, the license plate numbers of the vehicles involved, and, if available, the accident report number. Step 3: Request the Accident Report: The process of requesting a report from a local Police Department or the Georgia Department of Transportation may differ slightly, but typically you will need to provide the required information and pay a fee. To request a report from the Georgia Department of Transportation, you can fill out an online request form through their website or mail a request to the Georgia Department of Transportation Crash Reporting Unit at 935 East Confederate Avenue, Building 24, Atlanta, GA 30316. Step 4: Receive and Review the Accident Report:Once you have submitted your request and paid the fee, you will receive a copy of the accident report. 



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